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The Caucasian Ovcharka is a guard dog, a task for which he was probably always intended.
His attitude, gait and character indicate that he is used for defence and not for herding, although he must certainly have fulfilled both roles in the past. Today he is a strong, balanced, calm but extremely reactive dog. His calm temperament hides impressive defensive and offensive faculties. If left with no other choice, the Caucasian Shepherd can use its powerful bite. Very courageous, he is docile and friendly with his master if he has been raised in a gentle and friendly manner.

At home, he is protective, sensitive and gentle, which does not prevent him from being independent.

It is a very intelligent and autonomous dog which knows how to analyze situations in order to intervene in an adequate and appropriate way. His passions: to love you and protect you whenever necessary ! He is an outstanding guardian with a keen sense of hearing.

With exceptional courage, the Caucasian Ovcharka defends his family without ever backing down, and can even become very aggressive if he feels his family is threatened. Defence is his way of life.

Indifferent to strangers, they can become biting if provoked : beware of caresses imposed by a stranger and clumsy gestures ! He needs exercise to let off steam and keep fit. He can be a good companion dog because he is affectionate and patient. He also gets along well with other dogs and cats if he has grown up with them.

His innate protective character makes him a special dog, not to be placed in all hands. He is best suited to an active and experienced handler with experience of large protectors. Lack of training could have very serious consequences and unfortunately lead to abandonment.

Finally, a space that is too small (flat) could be detrimental to his physical and mental balance.


Updated on 19 August 2021