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Is the Caucasian Ovcharka for you ? What is a dog for ?

Generally speaking, the first question to ask yourself before acquiring a dog is: which dog, for which temperament? For which way of life ?
These questions are all the more important as the Ovcharka in general - and the Caucasian Shepherd in particular - are not "everyone's dog". Because of its nature, its authenticity, its role to play, it is a dog that requires a minimum of experience in the dog world.
Ignoring this advice, you risk the greatest disappointment. So, without any pretension, we invite you to take note of the following remarks...

Don't pick up a Caucasian Ovcharka based on its appearance !
If it is true that he has a very attractive appearance (the "big teddy bear" attracts children as well as adults!) you must not ignore that you are dealing with a sheepdog, whose richness resides essentially in his character, not in his appearance!

Don't get a Caucasian Ovcharka if you are not available
This dog's job is to guard and defend its territory, the place where you live. He must live in harmony with you, sharing the house and the outdoors. He is only happy where you are, sharing your life and activities. The Caucasian Shepherd cannot live away from you, in a kennel or isolated from the family. He would quickly become unhappy and even aggressive. Similarly, if your work or family commitments prevent you from being available to your dog, do not consider getting a Caucasian Shepherd.

Don't get a Caucasian Ovcharka if your home is a museum
At the risk of repeating ourselves, we can say that this dog defines the house as part of its territory. He wants to live with you. His comings and goings will therefore be inevitable!
Don't expect to have a perfectly clean floor: he carries mud, dust and sand, especially in wet weather ! Moreover, you will be pleased to discover, during its moult, large tufts of hair on the ground. Finally, you will need to secure the knick-knacks that can make your cozy nest so pleasant...

Don't get a Caucasian Ovcharka if you don't go out
Like all dogs, he needs exercise. Therefore, several daily walks and regular outings are necessary for his physical and mental balance, at least until he reaches maturity. If you are unable to take your dog out regularly due to temperament or physical condition, do not consider a Caucasian Shepherd.

Don't get a Caucasian Ovcharka to dominate him at all costs
Not all dogs are alike, not all dogs have the same functions. What can be demanded of other breeds (agility or other) you will not get from this dog. Even if he has received a basic education (obedience to commands: sit, down, walk on a leash) do not try to make him perform exercises that he considers useless. You will not obtain total and blind obedience from him. Above all, do not be brutal or violent. Instead, be gentle and friendly.
The Caucasian Shepherd cannot be "robotic". His shepherding qualities must be developed in the defence of the territory and the family.


Updated on 19 August 2021