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OuralIf there is one important thing to know, it is that the Caucasian Ovcharka is a great protector: his essential role is therefore the defence of the territory and the family, which he accomplishes with great efficiency and without needing any training. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not trained, it is educated. He likes to please his master to whom he devotes an unreserved attachment. The Caucasian Shepherd has a natural defensive character, and quickly becomes reactive in dangerous situations. Totally indifferent and distrustful of strangers, they can be biting.

It is important to socialize him so that his friendly nature is not altered. This requires an early, relatively firm (but not brutal) education that must be based mainly on complicity and mutual trust, as he is also a very sensitive dog. You will often have to deal with him and anticipate his reactions and not stimulate his aggressiveness too much. As far as we are concerned, we teach our dogs basic training: sit, heel, walk on a leash, no door crossing...

The puppy must be regularly taken out in town for its socialization, at least until adulthood (which it reaches around two years). After this period, the Caucasian Shepherd becomes more "homey" and prefers to stay at home.
As you can see, this dog needs time to mature, as do all large protectors and molossoids. You should take this into account.

The male is very dominant with other dogs of the same sex, so be careful when he grows up and becomes sexed.

The Caucasian Ovcharka must be able to exercise daily for its balance. Flat life is impossible for this large dog! A large area to watch over is perfect for him, but he also needs to get into the house, which is part of his territory.

Endowed with exceptional stamina, he does not suffer at all from living outside. This dog is made to live in a rural or mountain environment. He is happy in the middle of large open spaces that allow him to move freely and observe his environment.


Updated on 19 August 2021