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Generally speaking, the Caucasian Ovcharka has a robust nature and strong physical attributes. It can be said that it has an iron health : compared to other breeds of dogs, it is not very prone to genetic defects or diseases.

However, they may have some joint weaknesses. To avoid hip dysplasia, don't make your puppy run unnecessarily or climb stairs, and don't tire him for no reason.

Let him sleep when he needs to. Don't make him fat unnecessarily. As the "old" shepherd dog breeders say : "you have to build bone before you build muscle"! A good diet (especially no table scraps) and respect for his development rhythm are two important things to protect his health.

If he can bear temperatures below zero degrees without any problems (dry cold is perfectly suitable, under shelter of course), the Caucasian Ovcharka does not like heat waves or episodes of high temperatures. Leave it in a sheltered, temperate room.

As for reproduction, females are generally quite prolific and it is not uncommon to see litters of ten or more puppies. If you are bored, you will have plenty to do with bottle feeding (day and night) and watching the puppies grow until they are weaned.

Finally, as with most giant breeds, its lifespan is about ten years.


Updated on 19 August 2021